1. Isle of Man

Yes, I’ve already successfully completely a nation. But don’t get too excited. It’s only a very small one.

I set off from my mum and dad’s house in Port St Mary on the Isle of Man on Day 1, April 1st 2022.

The rubbish weather that had been forecast never materialised. It was sunshine all the way through the island’s former capital, Castletown, to its current one, Douglas. It was a wearying one for feet that hadn’t even been out of the house for ten days because of Covid.

I stopped for a refreshing pint in the Railway pub in Douglas before checking into my hotel. Beer? Hotels? What about your tiny budget? I know, but that didn’t kick in until I’d left the island.

The hotel was basic and, initially at least, bloody freezing, but a cup of tea and a duvet and two blankets did the job.

I didn’t sleep much, but got up early to catch the 0845 ferry to Heysham to begin my next country, the United Kingdom. Wish me luck!

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