Day 1: Fri 1st April 2022

Got up about half nine. Weather reports showed snow in IOM as well as parts of UK. My timing not great. Had toast and tea and waited for bbc to arrive. She (Alex) arrived just before 11. Did interview and filmed me pretending to leave but said it was probably destined for the website rather than telly. Said my goodbyes and i set off into a day of beautiful weather.

Dave (bro) and dog walked with me but he only lasted a mile and then went home. Took the road route to Castletown, popped into Shoprite for some pork pies. Castletown full of noisy kids on lunchbreak. As i passed one he said “Duke of Edinburgh award”. Yeah, something like that, cheeky sod.

The rest of the day was a tedious slog, walking lanes I’m used to cycling. Not much to distract me. For the final hour or so into Douglas I put on a couple of French Pimsleur half-hours. It took my mind off my increasingly tender feet.

Finally arrived in Douglas and with water already depleted popped into Railway pub for a pint. A woman asked where i was going and when i gave her the details she joined the facebook page. Maybe this is how its going to work. Person by person promotion around the world.

Left pub and found hotel. My room was right at the top of the building, up four flights of stairs. Freezing room. Eventual got warm via tea, duvet, two blankets and my thick fleece. Tomorrow night forecast 1C. Let’s hope the sleeping bag is up to the job.
Today’s forecast rain never came abd it looks like it might not come tomorrow either.

Just a bit worried about the feet. I think I’ll do as little as i can tomorrow, camping just outside Lancaster. It’ll still be 10 miles though. Didnt even leave the hotel room to get something to eat tonight. Just wanted to stress them as little as possible.

All I’ve had to eat today is 4 bits of toast and 4 mini pork pies. Now hungry. Might eat Gary’s pork scratchings just to round off a truly terrible day nutritionally.

Distance today (km) 25.9, total 25.9

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