6. Germany

Today I finally left Germany. Now don’t go thinking it took me nine month. There was an eight month break in the middle while I reset my Brexit-bonus Schengen limit and waited out winter.

Germany was great. It was mostly a city tour, sleeping in the woods in between.

I started to Aachen and then Koblenz, Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Nuremburg, Regensburg, Straubing and finally Passau. My favourites were Wurzburg and Passau.

I also met some great people and one pair even invited me into their home: Gabi and Robert. I suspect the invitation came out of their merry state when I met them – it had been a lot day and several beers had already been sunk – but we had a fun time.

And speaking of hot days, the weather is Germany was sunny in the extreme. Wurzburg was a boiling >40C. Now when I’ve returned to Passau in April 2023, it’s quite a bit damper.

Overall, great walking, great people and great food. The best country yet.

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