A Right Pain in the…Leg

A Right Pain in the…Leg

So disrupted has my schedule become that I nearly forgot to write this week’s blog. The other possible reason is that I have very little to tell you. Since my birthday, on Wednesday 18th May, I have moved forward precisely 0 kilometres.

The day before, a couple of miles before the end of the day, I was suddenly attacked by what I assumed were shin splints. But not the normal kind that vanish as soon as you stop moving. These lingered, into the evening and then into the next day.

Over the following night i had pain in my right leg. I figured I’d do a little research and realised the best course of action was to stop walking for a while. Shin splints can be confused with, and turn into, a shin fracture, something far more serious.

I read a story of a guy with a shin fracture who was desperate to complete a marathon. Charging towards the finish line, his leg snapped in two. That didn’t sound like much fun. Especially as I might already have a fracture.

I doubt it though. Info online describes it as very painful, and either my condition has been sonething lesser or I’m incredibly brave. (I’m not incredibly brave.)

So now, after 7 days resting in a tent on a lovely organic farm, surrounded by young folk with dreadlocks, moving only to hobble to the toilet or walk to the local shop (admittedly a 6  km round trip), I’ve made a decision.

On Thursday, the day after tomorrow, I will launch myself out to the nearest campsite, 13 km away. If all goes well, I’ll continue walking. If not, I’ll jump on a train (for that is also the direction of the nearest station – this bit of France is a real backwater) and head to my cousin’s in Brussels. From there I’ll fly home for proper medical attention and to decide on the next step.

Whatever happens, this trek will continue, although it may be in a modified form. We’ll have to wait and see.

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