In order, Prim has been a paperboy, a shop assistant, an electronics buyer, a technical author, a webmaster, an internet developer, a marathon runner (x3), the producer and head writer (and terrible performer) of a monthly comedy night, a mature student (x3), a long-distance cyclist (50K+ miles), a travel writer (x6) and a novelist (x3). He is now an international hobo.

4. Belgium

It took me 12 days to walk across Belgium, although that included a day off in Brussels at my cousin Sarah’s house and a two-day detour out of the country and back into France. Why the detour? Testing the painful leg necessitated shorter days and so I strung together some closer camp sites and this …

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Not the End

It was all going so well. After the leg incident a few days into France I was worried I wouldn’t be able to carry on with the walk. But then 10 days of rest at the lovely organic farm/campsite I thought I was cured. I continued into Belgium. After a few days of low mileage …

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What makes a thing a thing that tourists want to see? What makes a crowd flock to this statue but not to that one? Especially when the one to which they flock is so extraordinarily crap? I ask this after yesterday’s viewing of Brussels’ Mannekin Pis, the city’s emblem, a little boy having a waz. …

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3. France

France was supposed to one of the easy ones: a short, three-day hop over the entirely flat, north-east part of the country. Three kilometres short of the Belgium border I ended up stuck at a lovely organic farm/campsite for 10 days by a mixture of a painful shin that needed resting and the inability to …

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