Day 100: Sun 7th August 2022

This Sunday didn’t turn out to be as friend-making as the previous two. In fact i barely saw a soul all day. Also the cafes and pubs i passed were all closed or closed down.

The only place with any life was a little bistro (or so it called itself) at lunchtime. I ordered shashlik and chips. The meat had clearly been boiled and then grilled to order. It was served in a sauce that was 90% ketchup. It filled a hole but wasnt particularly pleasant. The owner stopped me on the way out. “Did you like the shashlik? It’s my specialty.” Oh well.

Some long stretches today of nothing and so i put on some podcasts to kill time.

In the evening, with nothing to do and nowhere to go, i continued walking further so that tomorrow’s leg to nuremburg is shorter.

Distance today (km) 33, total 1763

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