Day 101: Mon 8th August 2022

Got up at 6 to get an early start to Nuremberg. Waiting outside Netto at 7 waiting for it to open so i could buy water.

The day was a brisk march towards Nuremberg on long lonely roads and increasing urbanity. Furth looked a lot nicer than what I’ve seen so far of nuremberg.

Stones on the path digging into my feet suggested my soles are getting too thin. A quick check agreed. They had a day or two before breaking through.

After a kebab, attended by the usual 3 wasps, i reached the centre. This involves walking between two women, masked up, but walking so far apart i had bo choice. They looked aghast. One was a goth and the other i suppose her mother.

Reached hotel and the receptionist was unbelievably chatty and welcoming. The room might not be ready. (I was within seconds of check in opening.) She popped upstairs to check on the cleaners. “Please can you watch reception,” she said with a laugh. I wonder what she’d have done if a large party had checked in and I’d taken all their cash.

After shower and clothes wash i popped into town to buy trainers. A quick look around but the town aint all that. But after 2 really long days and today (long enough at 25km) i just couldn’t be arsed to walk. I’ll save the exploration for tomorrow.

Distance today (km) 25, total 1788

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