Day 102: Tue 9th August 2022

Out the hotel by half ten. Went to do an explore of Nuremberg. It has more nice bits than i saw yesterday but it doesnt have the splendour of Wurzburg.

Today’s walk was mostly tedious, beside a dual carriageway, lacking in any benches, or a train track, ditto. Bought a hot dog thing and a cake from Lidl and it was about an hour and a half before i could find somewhere to sit down and eat it.

Reached Ochenbruck about 5 and dived into a kebab place. This is the first time that “scharf” (spicy) has been English heat. Made a nice change but i imagine it would have killed an unsuspecting german.

The new trainers have been great. Comfortable. They’ll do.

Made it into woods tonight so that i have easy access to a morning lidl for bfast and water, if necessary.

Distance today (km) 22, total 1810

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