Day 103: Wed 10th August 2022 conspired to spend me on a tedious route beside a busy road again. Thank christ for funny podcasts.

Two positives today: a young lad was outside his house with his slightly older sister. Where are you going? Austria is sooo far? Where do you sleep? Why are you walking? Why don’t you fly? Because he’s walking around the world, his sister kept chipping in with a smile. I thanked him for his questions and continued.

Three minutes down the road i heard heavy footfall of trainers. More questions. He couldnt believe it. It was crazy. Glad i impressed someone, even if he was 10.

The other highlight was chinese chicken noodles and a cold pint of beer for dinner. I could have made better myself but it made a welcome change and the cold beer was heavenly.

Campsite tomorrow and a relatively short day. Probably get uo early and have the afternoon off my feet.

We’re just over a week away from 2,000 km.

Distance today (km) 25, total 1835

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