Day 105: Fri 12th August 2022

Today was a short day, slowing me down on purpose so that I’d arrive at Regensburg’s campsite on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. The walk was nice.

I reach Parsberg and couldnt find any kebab type place to eat and so popped into a bakery and scored two leberkasesemmels. The woman didn’t understand “krenn” even though ive heard other people say it in Bavaria. Another customer leant in and said meerrettich in a very strange accent. Have i missed a turning and ended up in switzerland?

So the campsite. I didn’t believe it existed but as i approached, there was a sign for a zeltplatz. But when i arrived i was told by some youth leader that the entire site was being used for a kids sommerfest. Couldnt I go in some out of the way corner? Apparently not. “Are you ok with that?” he asked. Didnt fucking matter if I was or not. Assuming it wouldnt exist I’d already prepared a backup plan. Camp in a nearby wood.

So i walked to wood, scouted out a spot and then sat on a bench nr a car park for a bit.

First came a woman in her sixties and her mentally disabled son, Wolfgang. She walked with him in the woods and then he plonked himself down on the bench beside me. She asked what i was doing. She then told off wolfgang for trying to sneak into the top of my rucksack. What is he looking for? Food. I shook his hand. He looked like no one had done that before. She said my german was very good, but it ain’t. I wonder if a son like wolfgang is a blessing or a curse, a son who always needs his mum and will never leave home or the terror of what will happen to him when mum dies.

Another conversation awaited. Another woman in her sixties came past with a cute little black dog. We talked. I said i loved dogs but one wouldnt fit my lifestyle. Then she suddenly switched to asking about Covid vaccinations. She won’t have one. Friend died 5 days ago after doctors and family pressured her into having it. Then she went full conspiracy theorist. Do you know
Klaus Schwab? No. Deep State? No, what’s that. I promised to look ’em up. I was unworthy of an explanation. “A baby gets milk before it gets a steak.” (Im too ignorant to talk with.) Great Reset? Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Do you believe in God? Apparently i should. “Where did you come from? The sea?” Probably. “Ah, Darwin?” Yes. “Were you a monkey? Or a fish?” I was a monkey. And before that a fish. She’d had enough of me. “You see the people on the street?” Yeah. “They know the story. They’re not idiots.” And off she went, talking her cute little black dog with her.

Went into woods. Thunder threatened and so the tent went up early. As it stands, still no rain.

Distance today (km) 13, total 1858

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