Day 106: Sat 13tb August 2022

Late last night we finally had rain, not a massive thunderstorm but a heavy soaking. This morning everything was a little cooler.

The morning’s route took me back through the centre of Parsberg and so I scored me a nut cake for breakfast. then decided I should spend most of the day walking on a pavement-free main road. Luckily it was fairly quiet.

I reached tonight’s campsite and was the only person on their tiny tent field until two families with screaming toddlers arrived and took over.

The site had its own pub/restaurant and prices were reasonable. They also served some of my favourites. I decided to splurge. Leberknodelsuppe followed by schnitzel and chips, and a few beers.

The staff were nice but the site variable. Expensive motion-sensitive taps in the bathroom didnt work. (They haven’t worked anywhere ive seen them.) Campground hard and uncomfy but worst was the tent field was right near the pub and drunken singing went on into the early hours. (No, not mine.) One guy kept trying to get the crowd to singing Cotton Fields by Credence Clearwater Revival but they just sang over him in tuneless German.

No much sleep. I hate campsites but i really needed a shower and to wash my shirt.

Distance today (km) 23, total 1881

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