Day 108: Mon 15th August 2022

Decided to walk to Netto to get bfast. Once there I realised today is a public holiday in Bavaria, some nonsense to do with Mary. Unlike the UK all the supermarkets are closed. Walked back to campsite feeling hungry.

Left the expensive campsite and slowly walked to the centre of Regensburg under grey clouds. Once again rain was forecast for today. Once again it didn’t come until a shower in the middle of the night.

Regensburg was lovely, especially when the sun came out later. I stopped at a very busy bakery with a few seats and got a sunflower seed covered pretzel, a nut cake and a coffee. V. nice.

I ambled around town. It still has most of its original building unexploded. It doesnt have the grandeur of Würzburg even though it is bigger and more authentic.

Hunted for a snacky lunch but it was already too late. Ended up with a schnitzel sandwich and a weird pizza from a petrol station, the only businesses that are guaranteed to be open on Sundays and holidays.

And then walked to woods. A few people walking dogs buti found a spot.

Distance today (km) 15, total 1916

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