Day 109: Tue 16th August 2022

Today was a long hot one, mostly in uncovered fields, boiling in the sun.

For bfast i found a netto and got a couple of those pretzelly bread things and stuffed them with salami. Found a shady bus stop. A special needs guy came and sat beside me and then started begging.

Later, at another netto, i got a big bottle of orange juice. Got talking to a Slovak woman who worked at edeka. Wasnt on tills much because her german wasnt great. From kosice. I said I’d been there on my bicycle, which she struggled to believe. She was going back there now to see her old mum. Better than going to the sea, she said, trying to convince herself more than me i think.

The day continued. I discovered a pub open near the day’s final supermarket and needed cold beer. A bloke said at my table. Talked about the big party going on in straubing now. That why there were a bunch if dirndl-clad women around. And lederhosened blokes. Seemed to think tomorrow’s campsite might be full even though the party doesnt attract foreigners like oktoberfest, although its the second biggest in bavaria.

A night in the woods, no one about at all.

Distance today (km) 27, total 1943

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