Day 11: Mon 11th April 2022

Another day off but the feet feel like they needed it. Got the same cheap room for the same cheap price. The daily budget will come back into line once my feet are hardened and I’m moving further eastwards.

Was looking forward to a lie-in but a fire alarm went half at half eight. Lacking windows i thought it best to take it seriously. Reception told me some silly sod had opened a fire eacape. False alarm.

Tried to keep off my feet. I went to see the unspectacular cathedral. Nothing like as grand as Hereford’s or Worcester’s. Unfact i cant remember a less impressive cathedral.
Then i popped to Chinatown. I love the smell. It brought back memories of coming here in the early 90s as a then vegetarian seeking non-bland flavours. The Wing Fat supermarket now requires security (unlike then) and a bought me a huge chinese pot noodle thing. Spicy and very good when your only cooking implement is a kettle.

The afternoon was spent writing blogs and editing the Day 1-9 video diary. Realised just how crap my mum’s internet is. The video was about 50% bigger than any I’d uploaded at her house. There it took 3 hours, here in this cheap hotel 10 mins.

Popped out later for a bit of evening meal shopping and back and locked in the room for 6pm.

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