Day 110: Wed 17th August 2022

Another day on being exposed to the sun. Most of today’s ten miles or so was down a single road. I stopped outside a village town hall to make a sandwich and noticed a tap. Just as well. Otherwise i might have run out of water.

I reached Straubing and walked right past the Volksfest, people mostly in trachten. My plan was to visit it once I’d been rejected from the campsite.

But the site was surprisingly quiet for tents. Put mine in a bit of shade and tried to have a shower. Auto sensing taps didnt work again.

My second battery is in reception charging up. I decided to stay a second night so that tomorrow I’ll see the city and the volksfest. Also journalist from isle of man wants to so a follow up.

In evening went to a snitzel bar where i tried my best to start a conversation with a pug-nosed fucker in a vest but he wasnt having any of it. I’m a bloody foreigner. I should have known from his earlier, slightly hostile stares.

Another guy had sat at my table earlier, wider than he was tall, and ate a massive snitzel drenched in brown sauce he told me was mushroom.

Distance today (km) 19, total 1962

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