Day 114: Sun 21st August 2022

Got up 8ish, retrieved my chargong battery pack and then walked into town for bfast. It was one level up from yesterday. For an extra 2 euros i also got an extra semmel, extra jam, ham and cheeses, orange juice and a little cake. It felt like a bargain.

After 3 days of rucksackless walking, the bag felt heavy for the first couole of hours today.

Walked out of Straubing, along roads and through fields and ended up in the village of straßkirchen, where i was lucky to find a cheap pizzeria open with cheap beer and so indulged.

Had a two hour phone call with Nina and then walked into the woods a couple of miles away to find somewhere to sleep. I’m dangerously close to its edge (ie, visible almost from nearby road, but theres no traffic). Rest of forest was too densely covered in nettles and other baddies.

Distance today (km) 18, total 1980

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