Day 119: Fri 26th August 2022

So this is the final diary entry for 2022.

I left my damp forest early to beat the early forecast rain and to arrive at a possibly busy campsite early. I needn’t have worried about either.

The 7am rain was changed to 2pm, a storm blew up and then blew over. Aslo from a few spots of rain in the early hours, nothing once again.

The walk to Passau wasnt the best. Some dense forest, some long main roads and passau didnt reveal its loveliness until i was right in the middle.

On the way i met Bernt who is doing or has done all bavarian peaks iver 1000 metres. Ive no idea how many that is.

Arrived at campsite to find it bigger than expected and almost empty. Set up and helped myself to the beer vending machine.

Got talking to Judith, a german woman here to meet her uni daughter before seeing some of Europe. She lives in kreuzberg in berlin nr where i stayed back in 2011. Nice lass.

Had a much needed shower and washed some clothes. Then had a pizza at the attached italian. Strange system if ordering food, by ticking a questionnaire. Got a chance to say an Italian sentence (5th language this trip so far) when italian lad on my bench didnt know enough german (form all in german) and didnt know that he also had to hand it in through the serving hatch.

So here until Wednesday, when Flixbus carries me off, so 4 days to explore or chill. I doubt there’ll be much walking.

Distance today (km) 25, total 2065

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