Day 12: Tue 12th April 2022

The bloody fire alarm went off again, this time at half 3 in the morning. Great hotel but they need to sort that.

Set alarm for 9 and was checked out just before 10, the time you had to leave. It was already raining. What followed was an escape along the canal, a park with a sort of rainforest feel and a visit to manchester city’s stadium. Manchester looks a bit more how I’d remembered it in the rain. But with a lot more snazzier buildings.

Knowing the lack of food options over today and tomorrow i visited asda and bought bread, a large jar of peanut butter and plenty of cake. Then shortly after popped into a cafe for a meat and potato pie, a cornflake cake and another hot Vimto. does love to route you through council estates. Either that or the northwest of england is one giant council estate.

Out the other side of Manchester through ashton under lyme things got more rural and lovely. Great views of the pennines. Into tintwistle (yorkshire for “no, it isnt the whistle”) and started looking for a farm just as i was routed to a reservoir.

The bag felt hard work today but i tighted the waistband and that improved it. Feet were fine.

Eventually gave up and about half 4ish i dived into the woods and found a hidden spot.

Made peanut butter sandwiches, did a french lesson (along with another earlier today) and edited the manchester video. But no signal except for little things like whatsapp. Need to post this tomorrow and not forget the article for soltalk.

Distance today (km) 25 , total 186.4

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