Day 120: Mon 17th Apr 2023

Weather was supposed to be awful according to the forecast and so i nearly held off but it was lovely, even sunny at times. The rain didnt come until 10 mins after I’d set up the tent and was on the way to the supermarket.

Easy day today to ease myself back in, and an even easier one tomorrow. Worked out a route that will allow me to see Linz without stumping up for a hotel there

Today’s walk was by the Danube on one side and a fairly busy road on the other. The only point of interest was a giant wooden mermaid nursing a huge fish as though it was her baby. But that ain’t possible given mermaids biology. Maybe it was her dinner.

The campsite is expensive (€22) but that’s because its also a danube marina and its facilities are minimal compared to Passau’s €10 place but it breaks up the journey and there are zero wild camping possibilities round here.

Distance today (km): 16, total 2081

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