Day 121: Tue 18th Apr 2023

Another short day for the feet. Not much happened except a woman called out to ask me where i was going given that she’d seen me twice yesterday.

The bridge across the Danube was Jochenstein. It must have some important history. There was a museum there but no people.

Got to the site and let in by the gardener. Site looked closed. Phoned up contact number but no answer. Left number. Boss called back and left a voicemail but realised my voicemail doesnt work abroad, or at least appears not to.

Went shopping at a spar. Given that spar is from the German word for save, this seemed ironic. Normal sized tins of stew were 4.50. Half a loaf of white sliced bread 4.50. Cakes similar. Only thing reasonably priced was one 2 litre bottle of red wine for 2.60. I was supposed to be off the juice for a bit but these prices are driving me to drink.

On way back from shop, I stopped for a leberkasesemmel and a coffee in a cafe. A budget of 10 euros a day is impossible. Even 30 is a challenge without wild camping.

I asked in campsite if the prices in the supermarket were normal. She said yes. I said they are at least double just over the border in Germany. She said that’s why they drive over there for shopping. It’s not going to help me though. Camp site also taking the piss. My 17.20 euros included a €3 charge for water. How much do they think I’ll drink. In any case, I’ve spent less on wine than I have on water.

My new debit card failed today. I’m hoping this is card activation troubles and not something more serious. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Distance today (km): 11, total 2092

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