Day 123: Thu 20th Apr 2023

Had nearly 14 hours but was still taking deep breaths when i set off again in the morning. Unsurprisingly i had nightmares. More surprising was what they were about. I was mating around with Thom York (Radiohead) and a trans David Walliams. Then i learnt they were after me and so i crept around the house trying to avoid them. When i learn tom was just behind the next door, i opened it quickly and attacked him. He said that this obviously meant that i had AIDS and he and Walliams chased me through the town. And then we were back inside with another celeb rating radiohead songs. Bonkers.

It rained all night but stopped suddenly at walking time. The sun even came out. I’d put all yesterday wet clothes back on and they dried in no time (except the socks and trainer).

A nice walk by the Danube, made pleasant by the sun and not hurling oneself down a mountain. I came to appreciate the ease of it.

Stopped after 7 km to buy two cakes for bfast, by first non-ripoff in Austria. A swirly nut thing and a topfenstrudel. Ate them in the sun. Lovely.

The rest of the day continued pleasantly enough. The feet hurt a bit because of their sogginess. And the bag hurt my back but i remember day 4 of the first year being the worst and then it gets stronger.

Wearily reached the campsite. Couldnt find anyone to pay. Walked to Lidl, back to the world of sane pricing and, being hungry, bought far too much stuff. Itll do for tomorrow’s bfast.

Distance today (km): 21, total 2141

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