Day 126: Sun 23 Apr 2023

Stayed as long as i could at the hotel. Shame the plug jammed in the sink because it would have been nice to have a shave. I’m a bit grizzly adams.

Walking out of Linz was unremarkable except for the massive Voestalpine steel site that i feared was going to block my way once several miles into it. Huge piles of waste metal lay about. And the sister hotel to the one i stayed last night on the site offered “bed and steel”. I’d prefer cocopops.

Their slogan was “one step ahead”. With “and two steps backward” whispered under their breath. But said goodbye to the Danube today. Who knows, i may meet it again.

Saw a man with a square plaster on his top lip, like he’d experimented by a Hitler tasche but hadn’t the balls to show it in public. Probably wise.

Reached the campsite and then when for a Frankfurter snack and beer. I’ve decided that since this may be my last big trip before re-entering the world of work I’m not going to scrimp and save. I’m gonna have fun. That’s why i had a substandard calzone for my tea. Weird self service. I had to order my dinner at a window and collect it when ready but the waitress brought the cutlery to my table.

I’ve decided that since damien wont be around when i pass leibnitz then i dont need to pass leibnitz. I’ll take a more direct route to Istanbul, possibly shaving hungary to add another country.

Distance today (km): 13, total 2169

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