Day 129: Wed 26 Apr 2023

I think this is my longest day to date. But to the only campsite within walking distance.

Got going by 0715 and thought about the next turn rather than the entire length.

Early on passed through pointless places like Gründberg, loads of houses but no shops. At about the third mark stopped at a cemetery with toilets (do we have those in uk) and refilled my water bottle.

I think the first open business of any use was Penny Markt just over halfway. I bought a sausage roll and a pizza snail and a drink. The till woman looked at me like i was a tramp. I mean, imagine pushing your massive rucksack around the supermarket in a trolley.

The day rolled on. The occasional showers of the morning gave way to nicer weather. And i saw the first place where i could happily wild camp.

Eventually landed at the mostschenke campsite. The site was open but the restaurant is only open every other Sunday, which is a bit unfortunate. The owner was nice though, with a big black dog that was like a bear, until you rolled him over and scratched his belly, and she sold me a litre of their cider. Only €1.50 which is strangely cheap. And the campsite was the cheapest yet.

While i signed in, another english couple turned up in their camper van. They are doing a tour of croatia. They couldnt speak any german and so i think they had to do a lot of miming with the landlady.

I went back for another cider later. I think its quite strong.

The view from the site is great, vast snow covered mountains in the direction i want to go. Hopefully i can avoid them.

Distance today (km): 36, total 2231

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