Day 13: Wed 13th April 2022

Packed up anticipating a difficult escape over a tall wall around the forest. One part had stuff piled up near it and it was a doddle.

The A road was noisy and so at the first op, near crowden campsite, i headed into the hills, quite a steep climb but lovely views down on to all the reservoirs. Most of the day stayed high. Didnt see anyone. Ate a golden syrup cake. Bottled to water in case i needed to filter it later. Saw a bunch of girls doing the trans pennine trial. Later headed to dunford bridge in believe it had a pub for toilets and fresh water and maybe one pint but it had closed down years. Google had returned a pub with the same name and aaid it was open. This had given me hope.

From there a lot of the path being redeveloped apparently to replace some pylons. Just kept plodding along as the weather improved. Sitting resting a young lass on a horse asked me to hold it while she changed her top. Struggled to take it off. She got off, threw jumper on floor and said could i pass it to her when she was back on top. She mounted and then the horse legged it, me chasing after her to return her jumper.

It was half fourish and i was wearying and looking for a bed but the path was too popular with only narrow verges. Then i saw a bridge with a path to it that seemed to head to a forest. Bingo! Dense trees made it difficult to get inside but once there nice and dark.

The video of Days 1 to 9 has gone a bit bonkers with 2500 views because youtubes algorithm has been promoting it. Not sure why with that one and not the others.

Think tomorrow will be a short day. About 7km to a cheap campsite.

Distance today (km) 22 , total 208.4

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