Day 130: Thu 27 Apr 2023

I flicked off several thousand slugs from my tent lest i carry a couple of pounds of them, squashed, to the next campsite. seemed to be in a bad mood, giving me as many muddy paths as he could when a cycle path would have been just as quick.

Later it tried to take me over two non-paths, possibly to my doom, but now that i know his devious ways i can turn back or find an alternative.

It was the best days for views since i started, snow crested mountains and pretty churches. There was a lot boring trudging but lets forget that.

Made it to the campsite and its restaurant and immediately had two very well received beers. The place seems to be run by friendly workmen types.

Then set up tent next to French girl studying in brno and italian lad. They were walking too and hoped to get into the snowy mountains tomorrow although their shoes seemed little better than mine. They worries about avalanches, which was probably wise given that this is spring.

I went back to the restaurant for tea. While i hunted for a table a bloke suggested i sit with him. I asked how strong a most is and no one really knew but bloke that you should only drink it watered down. I got a diavolo pizza (with nice spicy chillis on it) and a most. We got taking. He was recently retired. Here so that he could fish in the little lake. He asked for my views of King Charles but my German wasnt really up to it, about from being dismissive. He compared old schillings prices to new euro ones (like my mum and dad do). He seemed to have a downer in the eu in general. However, he bought me two pints of most “to help me sleep”. When he left, i asked the couple running the bar what he was called but they didnt know, saying he was new here, though he felt like a fixture.

He’d recently retired and was staying here 6 months a year. Just wanted to fish. Spend all day doing nothing but fishing and thinking. His accent was very Austrian. I struggled to make out what he was talking about. I said that given I’d worked in different countries and therefore was entitled to no state pension when i was 65 i just had to die. He chucked sadly.

Distance today (km): 28, total 2259

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