Day 131: Fri 28 Apr 2023

I hadnt paid for the campsite yesterday because the reception was closed. A bloke in the reception said they’d come later. They never did. Anyway, as i set off this morning to miss as much of the midday rain forecast it was still closed. So i saved myself a ripoff 16 euro (although i spent 26 in the restaurant) and you still had to pay for the showers on top. Campsites in austria are a con.

The rain held off. I walked mostly along a cycle path.’s only failure was taking me up a hill to avoid 500m of main road that I’d later have to walk 5km. Anyway the paths didnt match what i could see. I knew i had to come back down hill and saw a car parked up on the other side of the valley. So i leapt a river (well, more like baby Bambi-walked across it) and scrambled up the other side before my app could do any more mischief.

A long road and then a walk through a farm. Just beyond it a plastic electric car with 3 five-year olds were chugging up a tarmac path. They stopped. I said hello. One of them did a raspberry.

Carried on via supermarket to campsite. Another ripoff. Over 20 euros. And then the rain came down.

Have decided to start my leap tomorrow. There is another campsite but it takes me a long way out of my way. So tomorrow is 25 km or more if my target is not wildcampable. Then 40 km the next two days. Then I’ll deserve a day off. I’m not looking forward to it.

Distance today (km): 23, total 2282

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