Day 132: Sat 29 Apr 2023

Beautiful scenery all day, when the sun came out. It drizzled mostly. Walked over a climb of 350m. Expected there to be some sort of gasthof on top. There was but it was closed down. Didn’t pass an open bar or cafe all day.

In the end opted for a hotel in Liezen since I’d seen so few wild camping places. It now means the next campsite is 82km away but we have a sunday and a bank holiday in the way. Toying with the idea of another hotel tomorrow.

Drizzle should be over for the next two days although where food is coming from is another issue. Not feeling the joy at the moment.

Nice shower and shave (strategic because one razor had snapped and the other one blunt, piece by piece), so I am at least detramped, made me feel slightly better.

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