Day 133: Sun 30 Apr 2023

The first of two too long days. 40 km is too much. Started at 7am and walked pretty much nonstop apart from short pauses and a coffee and strawberry cake break until nearly 4pm. The cake was more cream than cake.

The weather improved from being a bit pissy in the morning to be burning my face in the afternoon. (Hat too deep in bag.)

Booked another hotel for the halfway point because of lack of camping spots.

Had a fairly standard meal at the hotel. Clearly frozen leberknodel soup and then a hauspfandl “with different types of meat”. That’s how unspecific it was.

May have to put multiple compeed on my feet before setting off again.

Beautiful route through snowy mountains and green valleys with the occasional goat. Very Heidi.

Distance today (km): 40, total 2343

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