Day 135: Tue 2 May 2023

I took a day off today after 3 long days and because the forecast was for it to rain all day, and rain all day is exactly what it did.

Discovered there was a cafe nearby inside the strange mix of a place that hosted seminars and being a centre for people with down’s syndrome. I went inside. It was empty. Then someone came out of an office. “Is this a cafe?” Yes, but we’ve no food. Brilliant. The search continues.

I had a coffee and hung around for a bit. A seminar was going on, and the participants came out into the cafe, all dull-eyed and with their bits of paper. I remember this life. Maybe glad of having a day out of the office except that it seemed to last as long as three days.

I walked into town to finally find something to eat and shop at Lidl. Leoben is a proper little town. I noticed a sports shop and went to look at trainers, my current ones being knackered. They were all +€200. I wonder how much of that goes to poor little Sami who made them, along with the 43p worth of fabric. Bollocks to ’em.

Then i saw another shop selling a range of shoes. I first wondered why all their trainers were covered in glitter but realised i was in the women’s section. Once i found the men’s i saw they had exactly the make i had on – Fila – and for €50. I was so glad that I also went into Mediamarkt and bought a new radio for a tenner. I snapped the aerial off the old one. This is smaller and lighter.

I still needed something to eat. I bought what what called a kebab burger, thinking it was a burger with the addition of kebab meat, but it was just bit of kebab meat on a bun. Oh well. Can’t have everything.

I walked back via lidl and spent the rest of the afternoon in my tent listening to the radio and reading Jude the Obscure.

Saw the plague momument and the tower thing in the centre. I imagine it would have looked a lot bettet if not in constant rain.

Distance today (km): 0, total 2386

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