Day 136: Wed 3 May 2023

Today was a sort of nothing day. I left about 10 and walked back through the centre of Leoben, a little brighter today and with thousands of kids doing the macarena for some reason.

But the route to the next campsite was rubbish, by an A road or dual carriageway the whole time.

Halfway through, i started to feel last year’s leg pain. New trainers today. Maybe I’d tightened them too much.i undid the laces and the pain disappeared. That might have just been a coincidence.

Eventually landed at campsite, which is attched to a gasthof that doesnt open until 5pm. I was dealt with by a grandma, with small ill-looking child asleep on a bar sofa. She worked out what it cost (which i think was a little below what it should have been, given their website, but fuck it, they all over-charge) and i asked if it would be ok if i had a beer too. She said yes. She served me and then the owners appears including cruella who stared at me. Her husband said in german “its ok, he’s nearly finished” and realised he was talking about my pint. Cruella kept glaring. I finished my pint. You’d think they’d be happy that anyone bought their nearly 5 euro a pint beer. In two minds now about tonight. They had a wood burning oven and it’s pizza night. I fancied that bit don’t want to be glared into eating up.

(I had a pizza. It was nice.)

Distance today (km): 16, total 2402

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