Day 137: Thu 4 May 2023

Lovely day weatherwise. But the first half was by a motorway despite it being in the beautiful valley.

Things picked up when i realised i needed water and crossed the river mur and did the rest from that quieter side.

Frohnleiten centre looked lovely. Almost hollywood in its cuteness

Towards the end a security gate closed on me as i was about to pass through it. “Did you want to come through?” a bloke asked who was also walking and on the other side. I thought about my possibilities. “You can walk back…” He didnt need to finish. I didnt want to add another 2 km. I was about to climb over. And then it opened. I stuck thumbs up in all directions to whoever had seen me on a camera. “Thank you wherever you are.” The bloke on the other side laughed.

With tired feet i finally reached the campsite after 8 hours.

Walked to site. Cheapest yet. Only 11 euros and so i had a pint.

Distance today (km): 32, total 2434

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