Day 138: Fri 5 May 2023

What a shame! There were two routes to Nige and Nem’s today. One was a 37 km slog along the cyclepath beside a dual carriageway. The other was 26 km and over the mountains. I opted for the second.

I took the path to the hills and immediately regretted it. I kept having to criss-cross a river, with my feet better wetter and wetter. Then the path got muddier and narrower. A tree had fallen across the path. I couldnt get over it but managed to squeeze under. Then another tree. Then the path went higher, with a large drop and two trees had fallen across it, making it impossible to get over or under. I turned back, got my feet wet again and slogged. In the end i walked from 8am till 6pm with only a ten minute coffee break. It was also a hot day.

Earlier in the day, felt a hotspot on my foot and so applied a compeed. Four hours before the end, sharp burst of pain and then the blister exploded. Excellent.

Met up with Nem, Daisy and Fenoula (dog) in Rabnitz and walked the last 20 mins with them. Then had a shiwer i desperately needed, washed clothes and Daisy made a great thai curry.

Nige has got his retirement date through and he cant wait. But thinks they’re going to have to sell the house. Mortgage was in swiss francs and they now owe more than they started with.

Distance today (km): 40, total 2474

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