Day 139: Tue 9 May 2023

Set the alarn clock to say goodbye to Nige and Nem. They were just pulling out of the drive but Nem saw me, came to the locked door and said goodbye.

Her note had said keep the dog safely inside but as i was opening the door she bolted. I had a nervy 5 minutes getting her back in and steering her away from the cars coming down the hill.

Today was very lumpy, knackering. Up to Weiz it was uneventful, just pretty lanes, the occasional bench and lunch from Hofer/Aldi.

But the second half was tougher. A sign said a certain path was closed but i didnt know if it was mine. So i followed it and then came to 6 foot chicken wire. It was tied up to trees. I could hear a tractor coming but my only way forward was to cut the strings holding it in place and bending the fence. It was still a struggle but i managed.

Another section later forbade me from going down a path leading to a wood pellets mill. I figured I’d just say i hadnt understood the sign. I passed two worker bees, said hello, they looked oddly at me but i carried on.

Still, today’s 30 km was knackering and i hope future days are no more than 25km.

Cheapest bottle of wine in adeg supermarket was a 2 litre plastic bottle of red. Maybe I’ll even have something left to carry tomorrow.

Distance today (km): 31, total 2505

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