Day 14: Thu 14th April 2022

Woke up in my dark dank wood with tightly packed trees and, after spotting some grouse and patridge in a neighbouring field, headed back to the trans penine trial.

I’d decided on only a short day today. My feet are great but my shoulders need to be better built and so i figured 8km to a campsite and then a day off in (hopefully) sunshine should help them improve. After all, the uk is my Basic Training.

The path was dotted with tree stumps carved into shapes: a giant rabbit, a raven and a leprechaun.

Lots of runners and cyclists as i neared penistone.

Just at the start of the town but still on the trail was Julie’s Cafe, a cheap spot that did a massive sausage and bacon bap. That was breakfast, which two great cups of tea.

Lots of cyclists kicking about. Got talking to a couple. One said there was someone else on telly the other day but couldnt remember his name. When he googled him he said all he could find was me. Thats good.

Continued. chose to take me a stupid river route when a side road wouldve been the same distance but quicker but eventually i popped up into the farm with the campsite. Proper working farm.

Lazed. In afternoon popped to nearest pub for a pint and then back to tent to upload the manchester vid. Looking forward to a chilled day tomorrow. No admin tasks to do. Think I’ll have a look around penistone but that’ll be it.

Got a nice surprise call for Nina this evening thats made me feel a bit melancholic. I’ll buck up tomorrow.

Distance today (km) 8 , total 216.4

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