Day 140: Wed 10 May 2023

Got up and set off around half nine. All day on roads and often on roads with no pavement, having to dodge the traffic.

About 3 km in I found a garage, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, with a cafe. I went in and every table was taken. I sat at the bar and ordered a black coffee. As i was leaving, some old boy asked me where i was going. I think they just assume i can speak german.

The rest of the day was full of frequent stops to finish reading Jude the Obscure. Stopped at a Spar for lunch.

My right knee, previously only a problem on downhills, then also uphills, is now sore on flat. I could have had a day off today or tomorrow to get to Hungary in time for hotel, but today’s campsite the most expensive yet at €23.50 and so it will be tomorrow’s, after a walk in the rain.

Speaking of the hotel, i only booked it for eurovision fun and games on saturday but tonight found out that not only are hungary not competing, they arent even broadcasting it. The reason: “it’s too gay”. Well, course it is, bit it’s also ridiculous and funny. Hopefully i can find it online.

Distance today (km): 23, total 2528

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