Day 143: Sat 13 May 2023

Pissing down all night. Had to pack the tent away very wet.

I’d handed my security key in last night but the campingswart didnt tell me i needed it to escape the site. The campsite is in the far corner of a giant open air swimming pool complex. God knows why they need such security but the gate was locked. How about a simple button if someone is locked in. Anyway i balanced my rucksack on the gate so that i could reach it outside and then clambered – very much unlike James Bond – over it. Someone will be having a laugh at the security footage this morning.

It rained and it rained. I made good time because there are few places to sit, unless you can find a covered bus shelter.

A large part of today was a 8 km walk by a river. Sounds lovely but the path got wetter and wetter and soaked by trainers and muddied my trousers. A pain in the arse.

Made it to Hungary and used my Wise card in forints in a local Penny. Not much cheaper than Austria. Then got a small amount out of a cash machine and trudged to the hotel.

Seems ok and although hungary doesnt show Eurovision, the telly has an Austrian channel that does.

The next room feels very close. Heard someone cough like they were beside me. Then they started having sex. It was short and seemed light on fun.

Went back out later cos I realised I’d need more cash in the quiet days ahead. Also got a mexican pizza that was heavy on green beans. The sour cream was a nice touch. Bill came to 4000 forints. Waitress assumed I’d want to pay in euros. Glad i didnt. 4000 forints is €10.70. They would have charged me €12.50. That would still be reasonable (with 2 beers) in Austria but it’s a cheap trick.

Distance today (km): 28, total 2573

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