Day 145: Mon 15 May 2023

Originally forecast to be dry, i checked the weather at 9ish and a big blob of rain was forecast for 2. Since i knew today was only a short day i set off as quick as i could. The weather stayed fine all day.

Move pavement today but 100s of werewolf-sizes dogs barked from their gardens as i walked past. not as reliable here. Non-existent shops marked on the map. Real shops not marked on map.

A bloke called to be from his drive: “Tourist?” Since i don’t know the hungarian for, “no, traveller” i stuck my thumb up. He wanted more. I said “english”. He turned round and walked inside, maybe in disgust.

Got to the campsite. Bloke pottering about. No other campers. He spoke english but messed it up often. On leaving he wished me a hello.

Went to local shop. Big but misuse of space, with all the goods on the walls and none in the middle. Noticed a not expensive hungarian cherry brandy. Sweet but nice.

Campsite all to myself now he’s gone. It’s a bit weird, like luxury wildcamping. It’s on a river that’s not far from bursting its banks. Occasionally a tree trunk comes floating past. It’s the river Raba (i think) and meets up with the Danube. I wonder which craft in the Black Sea will collide with that massive oak.

Distance today (km): 16, total 2589

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