Day 147: Wed 17 May 2023

Very comfortable night’s sleep.

Noticed Ferenc’s car was there around half 8 and went to pay him. Later, later, he said just like every time I’ve tried to pay him. He went to the boot of his car and handed me a basket containing a flash of tea, a little pot of honey and a spoon wrapped in a napkin. He ushered me back to the caravan to enjoy.

Eventually it was time to go and i took a selfie with him and paid. As i walked away i noticed that the river had burst its banks after the wild and windy night.

Today’s walk seemed to over in no time at all. The first half was ok in which i stopped for a snickers and a jam pastry, which was a lot more pastry than jam. All three women workers in the shop were on their phones the whole time.

Then it started to rain and heavily. I got soaked yet again. It didnt stop the four million garden dogs i passed from barking though.

The houses all seem to have something wrong with them and the pavements are broken as in most former Eastern Bloc countries and Britain. But the final path to the campsite had made jumping puddles to stop my damp feet getting any wetter.

Eventually reached the campsite and the owner found it funny that i was walking in this. He shook my hand. I’m Daniel, he said. I have a good idea for you. He marched around the corner to another caravan. Then he handed me an umbrella for me to go to the shops later.

Does the toilet work? No. Does the hob work? Er…no. Does the umbrella works, i said with a smile. Oh yes that works. It was ten euros and means another comfier night.

I went back to the shop. It’s open for a couple of hours in the morning but then from 15:30 to 16:45 each afternoon, the lazy bastards. It also had a very meagre assortment of goodies, but i foraged the ingredients for a decent sandwich.

Distance today (km): 17, total 2606

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