Day 148: Thu 18 May 2023

My second caravan in two days wasn’t as nice and spacious as the first. And it was right next to the hen coup. And so at the first signs of light, about half 4, a rooster started screaming.

It took me a while to go back aside but i managed it and then Daniel knocked heavily on the door at 7 to ask me what time i was leaving. I said 10.

I was dozing when he knocked again at half eight to say he was leaving now. Thanks.

Today’s walk wasnt far but it felt a bit of a trudge as 10km of it was down the same forest road with no habitation and little traffic.

I arrived in campsite town and made a beeline for the co-op to see when it was open. This one had been open since 6 but was due to close at 2. If i wanted owt it was now or never.

Walked to the campsite and it was all locked up. Tried calling the number on the sign but no answer. So walked until i found someone, which was a young lad and lass in the snack bar. They found a different number for the site and i tried that. Bingo. The owner would be there in an hour. So i stopped and had a fine burger and a pint.

Returned to site later and sorted everything out, then back to the snack bar for a couple of birthday pints.

Damian messaged me to sat they’ve booked an apartment for saturday and will bring provisions. Just a 30km and 38km walk to get there. But the weather, miracuously, seems fine.

Distance today (km): 17, total 2623

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