Day 149: Fri 19 May 2023

Campsite guy turned up early and so i was off for half seven. Still a bit chilly so wearing coat.

Came across a shop open early (the one upside to hungarian not-so-supermarkets) and bought two 7-Days. It took ages cos she was serving two old dears.

The walk was ok. Plenty of places to rest. And another shop at lunchtime. A 15 km long cycle path wasnt the most interesting but at least it was flat.

Discovered a short cut that knock 5km off the total, which was very welcome.

The site is by a lake. Three women in reception that just scowled. Paid and then went to get a beer at the restaurant. It looked like a work’s meeting inside. No one looked happy.

Early start tomorrow because its the third longest day yet and i wish it wasnt. But at least Damian and Jo will be there at the end.

Distance today (km): 27, total 2650

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