Day 15: Fri 15th April 2022

A gentle, back-resting sort of day. I changed the strap position on the rucksack for a taller person and although the bag was only half full the position felt better.

Had a shower and then walked into Penistone, had another sausage and bacon sandwich, even bigger than last time, possibly because I’d said I’d enjoyed yesterday’s so much.

Popped into Tesco and got satsumas, a litre of orange juice and a big loaf for 36p.
Looked around penistone but its not much more than its main street.

And that was all. A friend of competa michael lives in sheffield and has offered to put me up. Good stuff.

Campsite now has a family of noisy, drunken fuckers and so tonight’s sleep might be light.

Distance today (km) 0, total 216.4

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