Day 150: Sat 20 May 2023

Going by 0545 trying not to think of the distance. Just plod along and eventually I’ll get there. The first shop i passed at about seven thirty was open and full of people but tiny, so i got a drink and 7 Days. Then every single othet tiny shop had closed hours before. It was a pleasant walk, risking a path that wasnt fully dried out and then a (supposed) cycle path that was muddy as hell but eventually made it. Damien and Jo had said they’d be there 3-4. It was two thirty. So dived into a bar and had a couple of pints. Very nice.

They turned up at 4. I went to find them. They confirmed my shirt was indeed very stinky. (No way to wash or dry it for several days.) The decided they couldnt be arsed to go out to eat and so they made a veggie pasta dish, which was very nice especially with nem’s peanut chilli. We talked shite and sank many a beer, wine and schnapps.

And then my birthday cake came out with candles. Very nice. My first birthday cake in living memory. Fun night.

Told them of all the things that had gone wrong (Nina, failed projects, nightmare tenant, Angela).

Distance today (km): 36, total 2686

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