Day 151: Sun 21 May 2023

Had birthday cake for bfast. Left the apartment by ten, and then we went back to yesterday’s pub for a really shite cappacino (too much squirty cream). Then said our goodbyes. It’d been really nice to see them.

Walked to the campsite, up what felt like a hopeless path, which had a hungarian fella at the bottom saying, “there’s nowt up there”. There was though. Campsite and small vineyard run by Carla, a Dutch lady. It was expensive for a hungarian campsite but the best yet. See this week’s blog for more on Carla.

She recommend a restaurant around the corner. That was expensive, and not particularly good, though it thought it was. Cream of broccoli soup was so-so. Main course was mangalica (hairy) pork and spuds. That was it apart from a bowl of coleslaw. With 2 less than pints of bland Tuborg it was £25. Also eating was a comedy figure, a rotund woman dressed as a fortune teller, black mumu, black hair net adorned with gold braids and gold coins. She talked loudly on the phone and then played blast of love songs on her phone, like a Tiktok generation DJ.

Walked back to town, couple more pints and withdrew cash from ATM. Then back to campsite where Carla and i destroyed much palinka. Like i said, read the next blog.

Distance today (km): 6, total 2692

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