Day 152: Mon 22 May 2023

Carla made me bacon and eggs for bfast with coffee. She wouldnt take any money for it. Very yellow eggs she’d collected the day before. She asked if i had a hangover. I dont get hangovers.

It was a gorgeous day, warm with a cooling breeze. The terrain was varied, roads, lanes, leafy cycle lanes. only messed up in the final stages where i supposedly had to climb a locked gate covered in spikes. I found an alternative but it took some hunting.

Finally made it to campsite, and after all these days of being the lone camper this site was nearly full. With mobile homes that is.

Went out to see Lake Balaton (14 km wide, 78 long). Trying to find a pizza was a challenge, all pizzerias on were closed, closing as I arrived or non-existent. Finally got lucky on main shopping street. Just a shame that the beer was at Austrian prices.

Distance today (km): 22, total 2714

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