Day 154: Wed 24 May 2023

Walking around Balaton. Thought it would have been a pleasant lakeside walk but i hardly ever saw it. Still, it was flat and a nice sunny day.

Reached my campsite and i think it was shut. A bike inner tube kept the gates shut but it was advertised as open on the internet and so i went inside and set my tent up. Also the toilets were unlocked.

The onsite restaurant was shut and so i walked back into Balatonbereny. The whole place feels like a ghost town, very unlike Keszthaly. I found a burger bar, empty. I shouted a loud hello just as the owner came downstairs and so i looked a bit of a numpty. Had a pint and a decent cheeseburger. Interestingly, the relish was exactly what hit my hand yesterday. Maybe it had travelled through time.

Back to the camp, still no one there. In the evening three fellas turned up. The bald one looked like the boss. The other two were skivvies, including an old guy with matted hair and beard. They loaded some decking into a truck and disappeared. At some time when i was in the garden someone unheard came and locked the toilet. And matted beard who spoke neither english nor german seemed to sleep on the floor outside the site restaurant.

Tomorrow’s toilet requirements could be problematic.

Distance today (km): 16, total 2730

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