Day 155: Thu 25 May 2023

Heard a car early in the morning and got up. The bossman seemed to be at the campsite. Asked him to open the toilets. Expected him to stay around so that i could pay him but he sodded off so a free night.

Felt like i had some sort of mental breakdown today. Felt very bored and very lonely. Loads of people cycled past on the Balaton cycle path, laughing and i remembered my cycling days and how they were so much more fun than this. Seemed to be walking more slowly. Feel like jacking it all in. It doesnt help that arsehole tenant isn’t paying his rent and so my income is zilch apart from the patreon stuff.

The walk to the next site was supposed to be 28 km but i found a closer site and abandoned the day. Nice site but no one here except a hungarian lad who said lake balaton has a 1000 faces because of the weather. Balaton looks like blue milk from the campsite, with extinct volcanoes in the background.

Still felt bored. Had lunch – a massive gyros plate with chips and salad – for not very much.

I feel like I have to do something. This is feeling pointless. I feel like it’s all for nothing.

Distance today (km): 18, total 2748

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