Day 156: Fri 26 May 2023

My mood was slightly better today but that was i think a result of its only being 8km to the next campsite. Also, i sort of worked out a plan for my tenant and found an escape route if I’ve had enough.

Weird medical issues: from time to time my right knee hurts, even on flat ground. The toes on my right foot are feeling numb, though this had started before i set off.

Today was a quick two hours and ended at a sort of swimming baths with a campsite, full of geriatric german mobile home owners. No supermarket anywhere near. Had two meals at the café: cordon bleu and a gulasch soup.

A relaxing day. Mood improved listening to Mel Geidroyc on Off Menu.

The landscape seems flatter on this side of Balaton. It had big waves this morning cos of last night’s wind.

Distance today (km): 8, total 2756

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