Day 159: Mon 29 May 2023

Bank holiday Monday. Had a couple of sandwiches for bfast to knowing if I’d find anything open like in Austria on such a day. Needn’t have worried. Even some supermarkets were open.

Flat walk parallel to Lake Balaton, but once again hardly ever seeing it. Plenty of cyclists reminding me of a better way to travel. Passed several resort towns with lots of people eating langos.

Arrived at the campsite and it’s massive, like a small town that’s seen better days. I had to walk its full 1km length to reach the entrance and then the camping area was down the far side, next to the railway, so close in fact that when I lay down in my tent and a train passed i could feel it. Lots of wooden chalets that look old and kmackered. An empty grubby pool and a waterslide into it that looks like it would have given you a serious graze on the back.

It has a snack bar with three glum staff and no customers. Ordered a gyros pizza and it was pretty good.

The trees have a white, cotton-like blossom, which they have mostly shed so the whole site looks like it has snowed.

Distance today (km): 18, total 2782

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