Day 16: Sat 16th April 2022

Nice long lie in, packed away, wished last night’s partiers a happy weekend and set off not much after 11.

The first part was a walk down a busyish a-road to Sheffield through thurgoland and wortley. Did a couple of french lessons as i went.

The newly adjusted rucksack much better, not perfect but realised the extra weight from my food needs to go. Just don’t like to throw perfectly good food away.

The next stage went over land with £5,000 trespass warnings but also a footpath. It felt like an endless meadow with hundreds of sheep with a couple of lambs apiece. The sun shone and i found a patch free of sheep poo and had a lie down after eating my very good banana malt loaf. Gary got in touch to say he’ll meet up on monday, which is great news.

More pleasant walking continued andd then threw me into a forest. I nearly came out the other side but realised it was my best bet for tonight. I walked into the part farthest from paths and hung around for a bit to see if anyone stumbled upon this way. They didnt. Set tent up at 5. So far seems alike.

Meeting rob tomorrow at his house in the south of sheffield and i need to take a selfie of me with something from sheffield for the press. And i need to throw some of this food away.

Distance today (km) 17, total 233.4

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