Day 161: Wed 31 May 2023

Still walking by Lake Balaton. Stopped for a langos at lunch. Think they forgot the cheese, but since I was trying to order in Hungarian I’m assuming the fault was mine. Still, with garlic butter it was very nice and crispy.

Reached campsite. Very similar to yesyerday’s, but not so run down. More expensive though. Second site where I’ve had to wear a wrist tag to get in and out.

Its shop grudgingly let me in as it was closing although all the beer in the fridges was warm. Basically they are just big, see-through cupboards.

So had an expensive beer at the restaurant along with breaded chicken covered in mystery sauce and cheese. Pretty nice. They kept playing Tina Turner over and over.

Told FB my situation. Some nice responses from people.

Distance today (km): 18, total 2800

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